Tue 1 Feb 2022 11:25AM

Why we use Discord Server- join in!

VRS Veroca R. Sala Public Seen by 75

Kiez burn is now trying out the Discord Server to converse. Go to this link to join:

What is Discord for? we trust this tool is easier for everyone to use and, participate in conversations & discussions. It's more user-friendly and has advantages over Talk with the mobile App, therefore Discord is a great place where to chat and exchange with other community members to collect input and general opinion around certain topics or simply connect.

  • Chat & conversations ( instant messaging)

  • Transparency

  • Coordination

    What about Talk now? we continue using it when it comes to decision-making or planning.

  • Processes

  • voting

  • Documentation

Then: Converse on Discord and, if you want to propose an idea or if you are on-the-role planning stuff, Talk is the place that offers better features in terms of voting & documentation. We carry out proposals in the Advice Process Group and we layout planning processes in this very group where you are now.

We are hopeful this would be helpful in the long run... lets see!