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Whichever questions you have about the location we're running Kiez Burn on - you can ask them here and I will get answers from the Freiland guys and post responses. Please understand that they don't want to constantly be contacted by different people, which is why we're trying to bundle this via the site liaison role.

FYI lots of questions were asked & answered in 2018 as well - all of them can be viewed in

2018 questions

Open questions for Freiland


Previous calls & question rounds with Freiland:

30 May

23 May

16 May

9 May

25 Apr

5 Apr

28 Mar

21 Mar

7 Mar

1 Feb


  • GREYWATER: emptying the shower cubes:
    • Can we also put greywater for kiez into the shower cube
    • Who can we call to empty greywater

UnderWorld/Annette 4.4.

UnderWorld will be placed in the valley. We are making a build plan atm. Would be goot to know beforehand:

  • We want to build a wooden bar that will be looking like a Luftschloß: Possible to build it in the valley? Interested to keep it?
  • We want to build a dj booth. What is the build plan for the valley from Freiland? Interested to get a dj booth build?
  • Can the wooden structures (functions to sit on atm probably) in the valley be moved?
  • Are there materials on site like Europaletten, Wood or any Natural stuff we can use or will it all be gone until event?

How/when to contact kitchen Martin & Freiraum e.v. aus Neubrandenburg,?


From dekobuild meeting

  • How to submit proposals for our own permanent structures
  • Any that we can use/contribute too


What are they doing for fire and fire safety? (Will they have fire Marshalls/fire men/truck on site? What is the permit process with the ordnungsamt for their Lagerfeuer?)

The Temple Construction is currently planned to be a Pyramid, 7m x 7m and 4.45m high. We intend to Burn it. I want to check with Freiland if they are comfortable having such a large structure (on the top of the hill) which we will burn. We will probably need to have some firemen on site for the burn itself. And advice they have on this topic (anmeldungsprozess und Feuerwehr) would be greatly appreciated. [email]


  1. Location of wagen with service window - will this be in the s<me spot and is there a problem with cleaning it out. We’d like to appropriate this for the kitchen#
  2. Small cabinets like we had at gate last year: do the have them?

From Meghan: [email]

I don't know what kind of events they do there, but I can imagine that they might set up some sort of kitchen facilities for their own events. Maybe if we're really lucky, they'll have some sort of kitchen setup (stove, fridge, pots and pans, knives, etc) that they'll be using for their event that's happening right before ours. If that's the case, I'd want to ask if we could somehow share costs and just keep the same equipment they'll be using. Or, at least, maybe they know if there's a local place where we could rent kitchen equipment and have it delivered to the site.

was thinking also of the larger/heavier/more expensive kitchen equipment stuff like refrigerators and a stove or gas burners. But if they also have stuff like pots and pans and knives that we could use, that would be super convenient.

From Annette:

  • lebensmittelgroßhandel (all the stuff wie konserven, tetra packs, eingepackten stuff) mit anlieferung mittwoch, eventuell günstiger obst&gemûsehändler, am besten auch lieferung [followup with MARTIN]


Security question, Franzi 11 Apr

  • Which professional security firm is freiland working with?
  • 12 ppl from Rostock Fr-Mon - 5500 Euro
  • Eric is making an intro

LNT Questions, answered 5 Apr

  1. Wood scrapes from build – moop?
    1. After our event will be another official visit of the freiland area by ordnungsamt, so larger scraps need to leave the site or be burned :-D small woodchips and sawdust could go to compost
    2. Eric will find a space on the site to try create a compost area together with Freiland
  2. Compost on site? Also for kitchen
    1. If we build a compost on site, we need a composting guideline (eg. nothing cooked etcetc) - FL is also thinking about this direction, but not sure how to go about, how much space would be needed etc.
    2. Suggested to also discuss with Martin to see how they will handle it for FL & Hummus festival
    3. Easiest solution for this year could be take everything offsite like we did last year - TBD!
  3. Greywater? Also for kitchen
    1. There will be soakaway areas where stuff can go, BUT important: only organic soap
    2. Greywater could also go into empty water cubes - and into the 2 greywater tanks next to shower containers
  4. Burn areas?
    1. Near to workers kitchen will be a fire place, on the chill floor (small spot next to lake) will be a fire place
    2. Barbecue stations are possible
    3. We can build fireplaces and burn areas on site BUT not on grass, only on sand/gravel and not on the paths

Lighting questions, answered 5 Apr

would freiland be keen to go 50/50 into the cost to build lampposts in more areas and/or get solar outdoor lights there for ongoing event use?

  • Freiland has fixed street lights installed with LED on the main paths and will leave this on site for us (yellow spots on map)
  • They have enough lights from their point of view
  • These street lights will have 1 or 2 central plug points by Orgawagen
  • The other lights - Freiland is renting out [floodlights, powermoons etc]

Production / Storage & Transport questions, answered 28 March

  • Are there locations in the area close to FL that can be rented as a central warehouse after the event?
    • Freiland is also still looking for options around this - i.e. is trying to find something themselves close to the site - In Broock there are some options, which is what Freiland is checking.
    • Also Eric has a 500qm barn on his property which is 4km from the site, and he could offer renting this to us. It’s dry and could be a fit!
    • CHECK: How much space do we actually need? What level of cost would be OK paying?
  • Do you have contacts where you can buy and rent tools and machines? Recommendation for a well-stocked, inexpensive DIY store nearby?
    • Freiland is usually doing everything with their own tools - not renting!
    • Niemann is a garden service center where Freiland is renting Mini-Diggers - - need to check what tools they rent
    • FL get lots of wood from Sägewerk Loitz - - Mr. Schwadtke is cool and will also flexibly deal stuff under the table & deliver to site also
    • FL also have another local cool guy Andreas with high quality wood, which is more costly though & we’d need to pick up ourselves
      • Andreas Waldhaus - 0171 5213 973
  • How do you organize your shuttle from Sternfeld train station?
    • FL organised this themselves the last years - i.e. borrowed small buses (Sprinters with 9 seats) and had them travel back/forth and take 2 euros per ride, which made it profitable for them
    • The vans were rented in Berlin from Robben&Wientjes, and driven up to the site.
    • This year they rent for even cheaper from “Hässliches Entlein” - - where it’s OK that the buses are not in perfect condition
    • They offered this almost around the clock, driving hourly from 9 to 21

Fire Safety questions, partially answered 28 March

  • How do you regulate the safety precautions when you make a fire/camp fire? Do you have the fire department on site? Do you know how the approval process at the office works?
    • FL do 2 small camp fires, and have no fire service on site
    • Eric suggest to do a site pre-check with the local fire service (with a beer), who ten came once per day to check
    • PLUS there is a process ongoing already with Ordnungsamt and Alex from Firespace about planning for fire permit, which Jan is managing and will update on

From Annette, partially answered 28 March

  • Is there a local food wholesaler (all the stuff like tinned, tetra packs, packed stuff) best with delivery?
    • FL use Freiraum e.v. aus Neubrandenburg, they deliver large amounts of bio stuff
    • Martin (FL kitchen guy) is currently in Nepal and will return in April - best to discuss with him in detail, also for the following question
  • Is there possibly a cheap fruit and vegetable dealer, preferably with delivery?
    • Check with Martin
  • Is there a local baker who supplies (possibly daily) bread to the site?
    • Eric will check which local bakeries could be good for this
  • Is there a local brewery and/or beverage delivery service?
    • FL has 100% outsourced this, so don’t have too much to tell us
    • There is a large distributor called Nordmann in Stralsund/Neubrandenburg which could be used
    • FL also used Korrekter Getränke Betrieb in the past, which we could also check - but they’re in Leipzig. Contact:
      • Jamal - 0178 1446 033

From Deko/Build Meeting, answered 21 March

Pre-event Questions from Jan/Waldo, answered 21 March

  • When will exact location of toilet/shower containers will be known?
    • Flattening 6-8/4/18
    • Toilets and shower containers are having a fixed place now
    • Dixi’s are movable - also flexible for us
    • Eric is gonna mark the toilets on the map and send over next few days
    • Eric is also sending us an updated map from their site next week
  • When will site & fixtures in general be in “final” state so we can plan safely?
    • Depends on freilands financial factors, they perhaps only gonna be able to figure out short notice, plateau/platform A1 will definitely happen,
    • they try to commit to us on the final amount of fixtures by the burning-pig-weekend 5/6 May
  • When will the flattening behind orgawagen be fully done?
    • Flattening 6-8/4/18
    • Work party weekend after with finetuning, seeding gras etc.
  • Feedback on flattening other parts next to path from orgawagen to upper lake?
    • Not possible, check contract section above
  • Waldo: What kind of wind we could expect on the site and if they have experienced many storms there
    • They had no event yet in June, hard to tell for Eric - more an educated guess, on the hill (plateau) it is always very windy (no wind is an exception), most of the areas are anyway surrounded by forrest (good protection) or in the valley,
    • The area around the “not-to-used” lake might be windy,
    • Rain - around the freiland central stage there is a place where water remains, the main path are safe, it doesn’t get in summer as wet as it was in January (if that helps :) )
  • Camper Vans on site?
    • Depends on the weather - with a lot of damage control! No problems if they drive on site if its dry, not around Friedrichs area, if it’s rainy/wet it will be problematic because it creates damage on the ground,

Annette for UnderWorld, answered 7 March

  • mainstage: was bleibt stehen (großes zelt, dj booth, ... )? Was können wir nutzen? Wichtig: was müssen wir davon auch wieder abbauen?

  • Plan not fully clear yet from their side, as in whether they will actually build this out this year

  • Nothing will be taken down of what’s currently there

  • A3 is basically already there in some way (might be improved), A1 will definitely get done

  • Rest is unclear

  • Bühne & Bar are temporary and won’t be there

  • darüber hinaus/falls wir als camp nicht den großen spot nutzen bzw zusätzlich als workshopzelt: können wir uns zelte ausleihen? Größe, farbe? Kann man die grossen roten Zelte von Freiland leihen?

  • Freiland owns hardly any tents - and is renting stuff themselves

  • Sani-Style tents 6x4m “Lazarettzelt” they get from THW and would cost 60 euro per tent - check Kinderfest video

  • Nice tents are all rented from Garbicz and will most likely not be available as they’re going to Fusion, Eric will check - might be possible for a smaller one and a circus tent


walto Fri 17 May 2019 9:33AM

converted the google doc to markdown and added it inthe thread. Question @janthomas what is the address for Freiland so to enable a delivery to site of tents ordered by @gureilon

btw, @gureilon ==> there is a lead here on renting tents, might be interesting...?


Jan Thomas Fri 17 May 2019 9:59AM

The official address is:
Kulturgut Freiland, Feldweg 1, 17129 Broock


Quentin Mon 3 Jun 2019 1:17PM

Hello !

Would it be possible to ask Freiland about their plan around the location of Musotopia/Schlampagne/etc... ? To whom could we ask?

During Burning Pig, those spots were with very high grass, and floor very not flat.
Would be great to know if this has changed, or if we should plan some time and tools during the build for some gardening work.

Thanks you :heart:


Quentin Wed 12 Jun 2019 1:59PM

Hi Jan !
This helps a lot 😊

Thank you very much !


Saskia Tue 28 May 2019 9:45AM

Na as I want to find ways around my awful transport situation, havin stuff to pick up in Broock on Saturday would be as inconvenient. :D


Jan Thomas Tue 28 May 2019 7:04AM

@saskia31 I asked the Freiland people, and they never tried. If you really need a package to arrive I could connect you with our friendly locals living in Broock and they could receive the package for you?


Saskia Tue 21 May 2019 8:57AM

Is it possible to also send other stuff to Freiland via parcel? I was thinking about doing that again.


Jan Thomas Wed 12 Jun 2019 1:48PM

Hi @quentinfeugere - sorry for the late response, i had to chase answers from Freiland because they were busy with their own event. The whole area should have been freshly mowed last week, and you can also do what you need to even out the ground! Hope this helps... let me know if you need anything else!