bulk submission spreadsheet for workshops and events to be printed in the program

CY CJ Yetman Public Seen by 207

This is a Kiez-specific, bulk alternative to the Google form for entry into the program of events (Workshops, Performances, Lectures, etc.), for Kieze who would rather do it all in once place.

There is a separate tab for each existing Kiez (as of May 2 listings on the website) where they can enter events into the program.

There is an instructions tab in the spreadsheet which reminds them of important things such as:

  • To use this form only for events taking place in their Kiez (events for the Event Tent aka Event Pavilion must be submitted via the google form)

Here is the link for the spreadsheet, all ready to go:

The editing permissions are set so that anyone with the link can edit the sheet.

If you have questions about it, please email