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JF Julian Finn Public Seen by 77

I'm gonna translate whatever is needed into German. ping me. I'm not able to keep track of everything so i need you folks to actively ask me to do things. this includes website, mails, whatever.


Julian Finn Sat 16 Mar 2019 4:32PM

As I translated a lot last year, i'm offering the same this time. just let me know.


Saskia Sun 17 Mar 2019 7:36AM

Hei @julianfinn1

I have created a need in reaities for you & your task & added a link to this thread here.
Go to and in the search field type in 'translations'. If you log in you can put you name into the field 'realizer' and/or 'guide' and put a description of your task in there. This way people can find and ping you when they need a translation!

Alternatively you can pick and choose every need in the list that has something to do with translations and add a new responsibility ('translating things into german').

Realities help to decentrally organize. People may not find this thread but with realities they can find it. :)


walto Sun 17 Mar 2019 4:59PM

@erinjeavonsfellows maybe Julian's amazing volunteering here, allows us to have a translated part of the website as well? Might be nice to have a homepage in German as well?


Julian Finn Tue 19 Mar 2019 10:39PM

that was my plan