馃帹 Dreams Questions and Answers

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Got a question about the Dreams process and don't know where to put it? Got a suggestion about how to improve Dreams? Just want to say hi to your friendly Dream guides? Ask here and you shall be answered! (Disclaimer: Answers might not be helpful or even make sense)


Madhou Thu 13 Jan 2022 8:07PM

Hey hey, i hope to bring more art to KIEZ. Not about me bringing stuff, mostly for others :-)

I had the feeling the dreams were to risky for some people and there were not to many tokens given to art projects? But maybe my feelings trick me?

What about the idea of having some art grants that will be given more early? Artists can rely on them and plan a bit in longterm.



Veroca R. Sala Sun 30 Jan 2022 11:43AM

heya, I allow myself to also paste here all that came out after the Retrospective Session, I think there are a few very interesting points:

@Diarmaid this thread means that you are taking the Dreams Realizer role 2022??? 馃



Madhou Wed 2 Feb 2022 5:45PM

thank you both. I am sharing my opinion on the new talk Veroca shared (


Veroca R. Sala Sun 6 Feb 2022 6:41PM

I have a question about the Dreams process:

How is the dreams process gonna be? 馃槅

Hi by the way!鉂わ笍


Melinda Gonzalez Fri 8 Apr 2022 2:17AM

I'm sorry we've been absent here. Dreams process is gonna be a lot like last year, except we're discussing things on Discord. Talk is just for big discussions/decisions. Find us on dreams-and-art and ask questions there. We will also be communicating with Dreamers on the Dreams Platform directly (and transparently) once the submissions are published. Please read the Dreamer Manual for more info. It's at the top of the Dreams Platform at


Alex Kaos Wed 2 Mar 2022 2:47PM

I'm making a more refined proposal for the Dreams process for this year. It won't solve the time-frame issue, but it tries to ensure the grants for actually art projects is significant and not in contention with the workshops + camp based projects.