🏕️ Do you want to Join a Kiez (Camp)?

EJ Erin Jeavons-Fellows Public Seen by 27

Joining a kiez will enable you to connect with others and gift experiences to kiez burn as part of a group. Kieze registration has just opened so please give the kieze some time to register and get themselves organised. Some are Kieze open to accepting people and some are not.

You can find the list of Kieze on the website under Kieze Connect and you can reach out to them individually via their application forms or emails if they provide them.

Unfortunately how, when and if a kiez accepts or responds to you is out of Kiez Burn's control. We wish that kiez reply politely to all enquiries.

If you want, you can introduce yourself here and see if a camp reads it but the best way is to reach out directly to them. You can also communicate with others looking to join a kiez, or the kieze themselves on the Kieze Connect Discord Channel.

You could also consider starting your own kiez if you like! for that, you'll need to register.

Happy Kiez hunting!