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This thread is to discuss all storage-related matters.

Realizer: @Thomas Hohe

Topics to discuss/resolve:

Kieze not returning to Kiez Burn

  • July 2021 Update: it looks like the non-returning Kieze will be taking care of their gear.

The size of the parcels:

  • The barn has a total of 177,6 sqm and Kiezburn pays €1000/p.a. for that. This comes down to €5,63/sqm for the Camps.

  • Should we limit the size of the parcels each camp has been allocated to enable more (smaller) parcels for new camps?

Which Kieze will get a parcel in the barn/storage?

Kieze 2021 who need storage

  • info provided by Kieze Facilitator ( soon to come)

Info ( Feb 2021)

@The Lord of Fire (Schatzmeister)

  • The Kiez Burn storage shed near Freiland is paid yearly and we are meant to empty the whole space for at least 24 hours. Am I wrong? that is our own policy. (more info)

  • Did we pay 2020 storage? Who was in charge of that (?) since we didn't have an event...each camp should pay their own bill but, I wonder who has been collecting the $$$ or are we behind? No, we are not behind. It has been paid by Kiez Burn.

  • In 2021 we will not have the event in the summer solstice a usual, is there something we should coordinate in advance with the landlord? all good, nothing to worry about this.


Cairn (Clément) Tue 27 Jul 2021 1:50PM

Calumny! Vilification!
We did not raid anything, but were merely planning to do so.


Franziska Singer Tue 27 Jul 2021 1:48PM

@Aviv (🍋) ; you folks are coordinating who takes what, right?


Annette Tue 16 Feb 2021 8:30PM

Our next meeting is Thursday, I will put storage as a topic on the agenda.


Cris Tue 27 Jul 2021 1:58PM

And for the record: Deine Mudda was interested in fridge(s) and the bar.

As for the rest, since no one really know what's in there (do you know, @Aviv (🍋) and could tell us??) the best guess so far was trying to get everything to site and figure out on the spot during build who takes what where.

So this is the master plan so far.. , what could go wrong?


(L)imon Tue 27 Jul 2021 9:05PM

Hey @Chris

thanks for getting in touch with Dylan and @Aviv (🍋) to clarify this topic here.

I‘m Simon, also one of the few lemon veterans this year (nø camp refugee). I helped Dylan and Aviv to store the lemony equipment in the barn.

Your points match with the discussions within the active lemon members. We agreed to label all borrowed lemon items and make sure they return for a future lemon camp.

I’m aware of agreements towards deine mudda (fridge) and welfare (mattresses). I wanted to use the lemon bar in nø camp, but we can discuss/wrestle about this. There should also be a 2nd bar in storage. I’ll likely be there during build and can give a hand in sorting and transport.


Aviv (🍋) Wed 28 Jul 2021 7:12PM

hi guys.. sorry for not communicating, How do I add notification?!

@Thomas Hohe What does it mean to clear it out.. can't some of the stuff stay and be returned? We don't know exactly what we have there so we can't let people know..

@Cris @Thomas Hohe do you know who is in charge of early arrivals? If storage coordination should be done, I will need to arrive early... I might be able to get to the site on the 10th, we are already 5 arriving from the camp so no extras... @(L)imon when are you plannign to arrive?

Also, who is in charge of welfare I want to clarify this..

will it be possible to have a phone call or something? that will be super useful


Thomas Hohe Thu 29 Jul 2021 12:37AM

the agreement that the camps entered into with KB is that every camp gets all of their stored stuff out until the beginning of burn. This is so we don’t start piling on stuff that nobody reuses.

I won’t be on site super early, Sunday evening at the earliest. Getting everything out won’t need a storage realizer since they won’t be doing the heavy lifting 😜


Thomas Hohe Thu 29 Jul 2021 12:38AM

That is true, at the beginning of burn, the barn is to be empty.


Caro T Thu 29 Jul 2021 7:06AM

Hello! Yes house of plenty is plenty interested in left over lemons, but were told nothing would probablybe left at this point. In fairness, being a new camp means we're especially interested in the boring stuff - like extra strings of lights or extra carpets. Also more than happy to obviously give things back at the end because it looks likely we might not even need storage this year. Looping in @Luu Sierra ( ) here as camp mum as well. Xx dad

Cris ( ( )) schrieb am Mi., 28. Juli 2021, 22:15:


River Aleks Thu 29 Jul 2021 8:42AM

we need a few mattresses and any sitting ( especially comfy) situations we can get. Any deco that suits our theme is also appreciated ( hearts, stars and rainbows) Wood and scrap materials . @Valentin_Seehausen @Alex anything else?


Alex Thu 29 Jul 2021 11:55AM

sounds right to me! thanks!


(L)imon Thu 29 Jul 2021 1:39PM

Hey guys,

thanks for a better overview of the needs from welfare and this years Kieze @Caro T @Aviv (🍋) @Cris

To provide a better overview, this is what we expect to be unwrapped under the big white tarp in the barn. 🍋

~4 mattresses, table tops, benches, ice cubes chairs and ice cube bar, structure (tarps, straps, posts), carpets, some pallets, the lemonade stand, some deco, and the fridge. Plus other stuff.

@River Aleks I hope the mattresses are still in a good shape after 2 years.

Other than that it seems that most items will find a good reuse this year. Please assist us 🍋s to keep the treasure together for the next burn.

@Caro T you might be able to find some basic/boring camp items (structure, carpet, pallets) here, but please coordinate this with Aviv directly, she seems to have a similar intention. Are you in the same camp?

@Aviv (🍋) I’m planning to arrive on the 9th or 10th for build, still depending on our transport. More clear tonight.


Aviv (🍋) Thu 29 Jul 2021 4:21PM

hi.. @Veroca R. Sala can we have a phone call?


Aviv (🍋) Thu 29 Jul 2021 4:23PM

@Thomas Hohe I wrote you a private message, Could you contact me? this is my telegram whatsapp as well: +972504403200 I'm trying to figure out what does "out of the storage" I doubt that everything will be out and in the end, we want to return and keep it for next year.. why is it important to take it all out?


Aviv (🍋) Thu 29 Jul 2021 4:24PM

@Caro T @Cairn (Clément) @River Aleks are you planning to take things from the storage? please contact me via WhatsApp or telegram: +972504403200


Aviv (🍋) Thu 29 Jul 2021 4:30PM

hi, @Thomas Hohe The fact is that there are only 2 camp members in the event and lemon camp wants to come back next year. Last kiezburn 3 camps were granted with special permission to leave things in the barn. To be frank, as I personally am flying to the event from Israel, only one person and no ride yet, I don't see that clearing the storage is even possible! even if somehow I handle taking this out (I'm can come only 1 day before the event starts), how will I handle the coordination of returning on strike? To tell you the truth I'm a bit overwhelmed with the topic and crazy task and would really appreciate if we could just leave things there and will lend only to those we know and trust to return nice and originzed

Please contact me when you can


Thomas Hohe Thu 29 Jul 2021 9:24PM

Hi @Aviv (🍋) , first off, I’m sure we’ll sort things out, no worries. This is why we’re talking ahead of burn so things go as smoothly as possible. I see your situation and we’ll find a way to deal with it one way or another.

I’m assuming the role of storage realizer and I’m dealing with the situation I’m finding based on the agreements that were entered into by the camps and KB. The point of the responsibility to take everything out by the beginning of burn is that we don’t store stuff for multiple years that nobody will come and get or that no one really needs or uses anymore. This goes especially for camps that dissolved it won’t return.

The purpose is to use storage space as good as possible. There is more demand for space than there is space, that’s why the agreements were drafted the way they were. That is the story I’ve heard, that is. I personally was not party to the agreements nor to the leasing process nor to anything really.

I send you a private message, let’s talk once we’re both awake


Veroca R. Sala Sun 21 Feb 2021 9:49AM

wonderful, thanks for the update. Dylan has made an excellent Post Mortem here, the google drive folder link is also there. Updated this thread with new info.🙌



Veroca R. Sala Mon 5 Jul 2021 11:40AM

Having extra stuff is not confirmed until all orga areas are sorted (especially welfare which needs soft area essentially).

We dont really know the state of all these mattresses until the storage is emptied out. I dont know who said that there were a lot of mattresses, probably they belong to non-returning camps; in that case, the procedure hasn't been put in place. I also heard that the policy will be: take it all or dont take it. It is rather tricky to cherry-pick materials at storage, It is all a big pile.

It has been 2 years and we could just find out that most of these materials are not in a good shape. I would not rely on extra mattresses from the orga, however, as it was done in 2019, during build we did make a pile with all stuff that was to be donated to all camps that needed some extra stuff.


Thomas Hohe Mon 12 Jul 2021 3:43PM

So far it seems like all the camps that have stuff in storage want to renew. We have yet to come up with a system to redistribute storage space. Today, judging from the documentation I have, I'd assume, that there will not be any significant space for additional camps. That will depend on the amount of things that will be disposed off by the camps, too. Not a satisfying answer at this time, I am aware.


Thomas Hohe Mon 12 Jul 2021 3:46PM

so I am reading two questions there:

No.1: it really will depend on how big it is and how much storage space we'll have after the burn. Judging from the documentation I have there will not be any significant space for additional camps.

No.2: the smallest space was €29/year last time, and that was about 5,1 sqm. But again: at this time I do not know how the situation is going to be after the burn. I am contacting the camps that have stuff in the barn. So far all but one would like to continue to store their things their. That situation may change.


CJ Yetman Mon 12 Jul 2021 3:57PM

An additional consideration would be... how would one gain access to the storage space on some random day weeks after the event?


Thomas Hohe Wed 14 Jul 2021 1:28PM

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows, I am tagging you hoping that you could relay this to the camps. In this first step I am compiling which camp will want to use the storage barn.


Thomas Hohe Thu 15 Jul 2021 6:55AM

That summary definitely helps, thank you. From what I heard from the camps I talked to they simply kept the storage space last time around. Let’s see what happens.


Franziska Singer Sun 18 Jul 2021 9:47AM

We are a new Kinky Kiez with no gear at all, do you know if some of the non-returning Kieze have a central structure for workshops and/or kitchen and/or water cube etc we could take over? Who do I need to talk to? Someone from storage and/or the non-returners? Thank you! @Thomas Hohe @Veroca R. Sala


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Sun 18 Jul 2021 12:06PM

Im pretty sure kb gives us the water cube so no need to locate one of those


Thomas Hohe Sun 18 Jul 2021 12:53PM

Franziska, thank you for your post, we try and involve more Kieze here, so thank you for that. all but one Kiez is returning or their gear are assumed by the successor camp. The non-returning FKK camp might have mattresses to spare but there are already quite a few pairs of eyes on that 😜 before all welfare will get them I think, but I don’t know for sure. This is also not up to storage but to the FKK, to be totally correct. So Henrik Heßlau is the one you’d need to talk to (

Not a satisfying reply, I know. You might want to get in touch with build on basic things like the water thing.


Alex Kaos Mon 19 Jul 2021 10:51AM

I'm not sure where this information came from but best to double check with @Natacha Kromatik . Traditionally KB didn't supply water cubes to camps, but has been a facilitator of paid acquisition.

And Fire Team needs all the water cubes it can get it's hand on for fire safety purposes. @Purzel


Franziska Singer Mon 19 Jul 2021 7:44PM

@Zohan this is why I think we don´t need to bring water


Franziska Singer Mon 19 Jul 2021 8:02PM

Just to clarify, there is running water to drink and eat, we Kieze DO NOT have to bring out own water?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 19 Jul 2021 8:08PM

No kieze do not need to bring water. there are water faucets on site. It is listed in the header of water thread and also written inside the Kieze FAQ. I have made it more clear. You may just want to bring come containers to take the water from the tap to bring to your camp. Also consider reading the event/participant FAQ for more information that talks on teh first page about water and showers.


Veroca R. Sala Tue 20 Jul 2021 2:39PM

Hi, Aviv thanks for passing by ❤️ as it says in the body of the thread, the Lead/realizer is Thomas. I see it can be easily get lost within all this pile of information laying around here. I have opened many threads but im not leading them all, Id be in the hospital by now lol 😆

I tag here @Cris camp lead of Diene Mudda so she can take note of this update as well as @Sven Dudink (deine mudda member) who had a conversation with Warren about the fridges from lemon camp to be borrowed by Deine Mudda.


Thomas Hohe Tue 20 Jul 2021 2:48PM

Thanks for getting in touch. As long as all the stuff from lemon camp is out of storage by the beginning of burn all is well. But as far as I know all the stuff is assumed by other camps anyway so that should work. If you could make sure that it actually happens, that’d be great, but it seems that it’ll be going smoothly.

And with regard to the bottom line, there basically is none but we’re getting there ;)


Veroca R. Sala Wed 21 Jul 2021 3:45AM

@Relativity Rltvty would you be able to communicate this to the kieze and report back here with their answer? ideally the kieze would say how many square meters they need

I'm not sure if the list of kieze that need storage has been resolved already. I just happened to find a tag about this 😳 hehe maybe is something to be resolved here by Kieze facilitators and storage realizer. 🤓

Erin will be off line the next days. Thank you!❤️


Veroca R. Sala Wed 21 Jul 2021 4:06AM

Water cube to my understanding, is what we see in the picture below.

Called Water cube/Water tank which we use for fire safety.

Maybe the Kieze that want to know something else about drinkable Water should move this discussion to the corresponding Water thread to find more accurate answers (maybe 😆 )

@Franziska Singer @Aviv (🍋)


Veroca R. Sala Tue 27 Jul 2021 2:36PM

i suggest setting a call for this coordination (?)l saw several random comments about the Lemon camp treasure, some people spoke to different lemon camp ex members and I would like to make sure we ( as a camp) dont count on something that has already been promised to other kiez, no?


Cris Tue 27 Jul 2021 2:52PM

What about Lemons ( @Aviv (🍋) @Myriam TheWanderer @Till Tailor .., someone else?) checking/coordinating what's up with the stuff?

DeineMudda arranged the fridges and probably the bar some months ago. It'd be nice to stick to that.. The rest of it, either someone finds an use for it, or we may have to dispose it. The issue is: no one knows what's in there, therefore, there may be things no one wants, and.., who takes care of those? My default thinking was: disposing left over.

If Lemon Camp is active, maybe you want to figure that out?

I personally don't have any bandwidth left to figure further about this topic than: let's see in Build. But if you Lemons are still interested in having the things back, then, you may want to know what happen to them?


Myriam TheWanderer Tue 27 Jul 2021 4:16PM

@Cris @Aviv (🍋) - I have no bandwith left and I only know of mattresses and the fridge that should be taken. I am sure there is a lot more there that currently will not be removed from storage. I will send this thread to Dylan, though not sure he is on talk. So many discussions on talk about who can get storage space going forward and I cant follow them all and while I was part of lemon camp I do not feel responsible to be super honest and I am personally running low on steam with life - cant take care this, sorry.


Cris Tue 27 Jul 2021 5:32PM

Ok, so I talked to Dylan, who apparently also talked to @Aviv (🍋) right? and here's an update. I hope it's accurate enough:

  • we (Deine Mudda, other camps & production van) bring every lemon rest to site during build.

  • Deine Mudda claims the fridge(s) and maybe the bar. And everyone else takes what they want. Disagreements to be solved in the Arena!

  • Aviv will be the Lemon ambassador, and hopefully keep track of all the items, so they come back to storage during Strike. Maybe arrange a collecting point with everyone else?

  • Next year we'll hopefully have fresh lemons.

@Aviv (🍋) please confirm, when you read this madness, and de-voluntell yourself gerne if I overstepped somewhere.

And yes, even if we don't have disagreements, we can still go to the Arena and wrestle.


Aviv (🍋) Wed 28 Jul 2021 7:23PM

where did you see those conversations?


Cris Wed 28 Jul 2021 8:15PM

Our intern barn-deal it's to clear the whole barn during the event, but maybe there are updates I'm not aware of, @Thomas Hohe ?

Early arrivals can be requested here (deadline July 31st!) A pair of days later, @Franzi will get in touch with you about that. If no Lemon can make it early enough to tag the Lemony things, maybe you can arrange somehow that your labels arrive on site early enough?

Welfare is a big team (Welfare Talk Thread) but maybe @Ale knows about their needs better? (or was it @Alex ? )

@(L)imon House of Plenty ( @Caro T ) as a new camp, were also interested in getting to know what's in there and some material support.


Ale Wed 28 Jul 2021 8:24PM

Welfare lead is @River Aleks. 😊 As you’re responsible for build concerning welfare I’m also tagging you @Valentin_Seehausen.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 15 Feb 2021 7:08AM

Thanks for the info

  1. I also think that is fair 🙂


Veroca R. Sala Sat 5 Jun 2021 8:47AM

according to Dylan's documentation, the storage lead has to connect with them and ask if they want to donate, pick up or throw away, (if disposing of, depends on what kind of stuff is it, it needs negotiation).

So next week after Thomas is onboard, so that we give some more time to camps for sign up, we should be calling the nonattending camps and use burning spark to clear up a bit @Thomas Hohe you note this plis? we talk on Tuesday more details. Thanks


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Fri 11 Jun 2021 11:10AM

thans vero!


Veroca R. Sala Sun 11 Jul 2021 10:42PM

@Thomas Hohe


Øystein Thu 15 Jul 2021 1:22PM

D*Monkey camp def returning and wanting to keep their storage space


Veroca R. Sala Mon 19 Jul 2021 11:48AM

Hi, @Franziska Singer we re not sure what is in storage. The Keize also dont seem to know. It could happen that some things are offered on the spot to whoever needs it But I wouldn't count on it 100%.

Maybe the orga could offer to transport some gear like a party tent or some kitchen equipment if your Kiez needs a hand with it. This could be Dne on the Monday prior the event, to be confirmed the availability of the van. However, transporting back to Berlin be tricky.


Purzel Mon 19 Jul 2021 11:53AM

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows

I'm confused, which water cubes do you mean and what is kb supplying them for?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 19 Jul 2021 5:25PM

Maybe i am confused by what she means by water cubes. Small things to carry water may be supplied by camps to help transport to camps but bringing super super large containers that store thousands of litres of water is what i imagined to be a “water cube” and i imagined that kiez burn is managing distribution of water across the site and not something that camps necessarily need to partake in. Please let me know if i am wrong. Maybe this is just a misunderstanding what the word water cube means.


CJ Yetman Mon 19 Jul 2021 5:32PM

KB will be placing some water cubes (1000L) (or possibly "pools"?) around the site with non-drinkable water for fire safety. Those will be there for the fire department to drop a pump into in case of a fire... they are not intended for Kieze to use for their own water needs.

There will be a few running water points around the site where a Kieze can fill-up small water canisters to carry back to their Kiez. Water Lead @Sven Dudink may be able to give more information about the location of those access points.

If a Kieze brings their own water cube or other very large water container, they can arrange with Water Lead @Sven Dudink to come around during build to fill it up for them I believe.


Purzel Mon 19 Jul 2021 7:13PM

Also, the ones we have in storage and the ones from freiland are to dirty to contain any drinking water. Someone was clever enough to close the kids when they've been stored 2 years ago. The smell is quite disgusting. 😅


walto Mon 19 Jul 2021 10:55PM

Kiez Burn, the build crew, had matrasses from the sunset platform (2019). Unless you folks wonna again build something, there is a shit-ton of matrasses and wood for the take... @Veroca R. Sala and @Janina


walto Mon 19 Jul 2021 10:57PM

@Purzel the experience from Nowhere has been that water cubes can be cleaned to perfection again, even when stinky or whatever. Would advise to not write off the cubes too early :)


Relativity Rltvty Thu 22 Jul 2021 7:49PM

Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to send out a message to all the Kieze. We will have to wait until Erin returns.


Caro T Sun 25 Jul 2021 4:45PM

hi! We will be looking at taking over Lemon Camp's remaining stuff, and that could then go back into storage. Can we use the van to pick things up from storage of do you know if Lemon camps things will be brought to site either way? @Veroca R. Sala


Veroca R. Sala Sun 25 Jul 2021 7:51PM

We discuss this in the production transport van thread 🤗


Cris Tue 27 Jul 2021 1:42PM

Oh! Good to know! Everyone was wondering about the lemon treasure!

So we have to give things back!

So far, and as far as I know, @Caro T from House of Plenty, @Cairn (Clément) from the Prometheans, @River Aleks (or someone else) from Welfare, and Deine Mudda were already raiding here.


Annette Wed 28 Jul 2021 11:50AM

Update: We can use the new barn for only 1 EUR/month. I think best is to "top up" the storage we use already with some space, use a bit more here (around 30m2) and space in the new barn if needed. 2 areas are recommended from Eric: Either a 50m2 (see pic beloow) or 120m2 area that are easy to seperate from the rest (which would be important for them, so they can still use the other areas). The new barn is even equipped with power.
Option 1: Price for rented storage will be the same for everyone
Option 2: New barn can be rented for a higher price, e.g. if there are Kieze or KORG with special request aka "my equipment needs to be stored more safe/dry ..." they can book the "better" barn.


Veroca R. Sala Thu 22 Jul 2021 3:53PM

Update this thread:

Which Kieze will get a parcel in the barn/storage?


Aviv (🍋) Tue 20 Jul 2021 1:52PM

Hi Guys

I'm Aviv from Lemon camp.. I see that there was a discussion about storage but can't seem to find the bottom line.

I want to update you that though Lemon camp is not coming together this year we are still active and hopefully camp together in 2022. As for this event, we are planning to use or borrow some of our stuff to other camps and welfare. I will be there to make sure everything is well organized in our little yellow corner :)

Please let me know if there is anything else we are supposed to do :)

@Franziska Singer We can use some of the Lemon camp stuff but must make sure we are organizing it all back


who's the storage lead? @Veroca R. Sala @Thomas Hohe ?

Item removed


Veroca R. Sala Wed 14 Jul 2021 11:03PM

@Thomas Hohe Ive made some updates on the thread 👆After the phone call we had and the newly raised questions to reflect in the body of the thread where is that we are at the moment.

Feel free to continue editing the "top of the thread" by pinning down the most relevant up there. I have created the thread myself, but anyone can edit the content in it. It doesnt "belong" to me anymore, I gift it to you (to Kiez Burn) ❤️

How I find useful using talk: Throw a question/topic >> Discuss on the thread >> collect the relevant info >> regularly update the thread to concentrate the important things/info from the comments secured on top. ⭐

>>> If you fancy more Talk info may be reading this How does work at Kiez Burn could help.

For the record, this is the update:


Thomas Hohe Wed 14 Jul 2021 1:26PM

As you may or may not know Kiezburn rents a storage barn somewhat close to Freiland. And as always in life, space is limited. All we know today is that space will almost certanly be scarce and we will most likely need to come up with a system to allocate space.

As a first step in order to come up with a system to allocate storage space, I would like to find out: Wich camp will be returning next time and would like to rent storage space from Kiezburn?

Useful information: The barn has a total of 177,6 sqm and Kiezburn pays €1000/p.a. for that. This comes down to €5,63/sqm for the Camps.


Veroca R. Sala Mon 12 Jul 2021 5:28PM

@Caro T tagging you to flag this thread if you wish request, when possible, a small place in storage in case you need to store the basics of your newborn camp.

There is no major space in storage, but if these are well-functioning kitchen things maybe they can be squeezed in a couple of cubic meters? I dont know if this is possible though. TBDhere


Veroca R. Sala Sun 11 Jul 2021 10:42PM

new camps might want to know if there is space in storage for them. What can we tell them? thanks!


Anne Sun 11 Jul 2021 8:03PM

Hello, we were wondering if it is possible to store stuff after KB for two weeks or so and then come and pick it up? And would you be able to give us a rough estimation how much we would pay for a small space? Thanks a lot!


Janina Sat 26 Jun 2021 11:25AM

Hey :)

I heard there is a lot of mattresses in the storage left and we could use some of them for the underworld‘s chillout space. Does anyone know if these are already planned for something else or hs an overview on this?


Kaliope Thu 24 Jun 2021 8:05PM

My pharmacist flatmate told me that this year there's an extreme spread of the hantavirus, transmitted by mice. This happens periodically, and 2021 the cases are going very high compared to the last years. A barn that has not been used for two years could well be a risk area – these animals had for sure shitloads of fun in there. In southern Germany, this is more likely to be the case than in MeckPomm, but better be safe than sorry. You already know the business because of Corona: when cleaning out the storage for build you can e.g. wear gloves to protect yourselves, maybe even a mask (mouse droppings can be inhaled when you create large amounts of dust) or in any case wash/disinfect everything afterwards, especially your hands & kitchen utensils. I remember from 2019 that we had a real plague (maybe also because of stored oat)... Maybe you can check and share this information @Thomas Hohe @Natacha Kromatik @Purzel

Item removed


Veroca R. Sala Thu 10 Jun 2021 1:35PM

@Erin Jeavons-Fellows i took advantage and removed that thread moving the storage-related discussion into this original thread. @Professor Kaos & @Thomas Hohe tagging you for your information. Find the Storage mastersheet at the top of this thread with info from 2019. That is all info we have so far,


Franzi Sat 5 Jun 2021 8:30AM

I wonder how we will follow up with camps that are not coming back to Kiez Burn (eg lemon camp and probably more) that they clear out their storage?


Jan Thomas Thu 18 Feb 2021 6:52PM

Heyhey, sorry for being slow to respond...

  1. yes, that was purely an internal policy to make sure we clear it once a year and prevent a build-up of leftover crap. I.e. the idea was that it's established prior to the event who will be renting for the following year, and that everyone helps clearing out the space prior to the event so that everything is clean and ready for stuff coming back when everyone is in rushed strike mode. Dylan actually had good documentation on all of this, including a map of the barn and who took which space etc. - If no-one has this or can find it in the google drive then I can probably find it in my old emails....

  2. Nothing to add to what the lord of finance said

  3. we didn't get to discussing it, but there is no need to worry as i agreed the deal with them - it doesn't matter about a few months give or take, or even exactly when the bill is paid. I.e. all is fine on that front - the only thing that matters is to find a realizer who's happy to work with the Kieze on this.

Happy to help onboard and guide a realizer btw!


Alex Kaos Sun 14 Feb 2021 5:42PM

Yes this is an interesting topic and thanks for brining it up. I'll do what I can to clear up these points.

  1. Yes the storage is paid yearly, 1000€ netto. In 2019 we made it a rule to have the storage cleared during the event, but this is (@Jan Thomas correct me I'm wrong here) mostly to ensure that we don't have a buildup of crap that camps don't need. If it's in your storage through the year, it should definitely be used at the one time of the year it can be used!

  2. Kiez Burn e.V paid for the storage of 2020. We had a little cash leftover from the previous year and felt it unfair to charge camps when they themselves did not charge any camp fees to pay for such a thing.

  3. Yes we should probably discuss this with the landlord ahead of time. They are pretty relaxed and understanding so I think it will be fine. But you're right we should discuss this and have it cleared before the event comes up. @Annette @Kate can either of you put this on your list of items to discuss with Freiland at your next/future meeting? x