Refunding - Question Thread!

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You have a short question regarding your refund and don't want to open your own thread for it? Sweet - post your question here. We'll make a little FAQ like this.

BEFORE you post your question make sure that you've read and understood HOW TO DO A REFUND REQUEST

Questions so far:

Do I need to do all the photocopy-stuff??
Receipts are printed on thermosensitive paper. Just place one in the sun for a while and see what happens. We need the receipts for the finanzamt, not because we love to look at them and marvel at their design. So WE have to store them photocopied in order to hand them to the finanzamt un-faded.
We would very much appreciate it if you try to keep as close to the example pictures in the refund guidelines when it comes to handing in your receipts. Handing in a loose pile of receipts will result in:
- Us spending more time and energy to match your receipts to your dream and your budget (which results in us being sad and annoyed. :( Have some pity!)
- You getting your money back waaaaay later because it takes more time for us to process your refund request
- You risking that the receipt you gave us has faded and will therefore not count for getting you your refund.
Aka: You can hand in messy paperwork but it makes everyone unhappy and puts you in risk for not getting your refunds back

Do I need to hand in receipts digitally AND physically?
Yes. Do both.

But I don't have the time/will/inspiration to do the digital hand in before the event!
Not much of a problem. Just make sure you have a digital copy (Photo / Scan) of every receipt you want to put into the digital system.
If necessary, you can add them after the event to your refund account. However, please make sure to avoid uploading receipts in more than one or two session (f.e. one before, one after the event), as each uploading session creates more complication for finances.

There are receipts I get on my way to the event (f.e. gasoline). How should put them in the digital system?
About the same. Take a picture before you hand the receipt in at the event. Obviously, photocopying this one receipt will not be possible. But one receipt that's not copied among otherwise excellent paperwork is not a big issue. You can also use old gasoline receipts from 2019 for that. It doesn't need to match the exact date of the event. IN GENERAL: GASOLINE RECEIPTS ARE GOLD. Collect them! They can aid your refund process if some of your invoices end up not being valid. :)

We share transport among dreams. How do we do the refund?
Options on how to handle this are presented in this thread

Will I get my receipts back?
No. The receipts will stay with Kiez Burn. For the Finanzamt. You will not get it back.


Lenny Thu 11 Jul 2019 11:39AM

If my original receipt is too long to tape or staple onto a single piece of paper how should I proceed?


Kaliope Thu 11 Jul 2019 12:31PM

fold it maybe? :)