Mon 5 Jul 2021 6:18PM

Welfare area

A Ale Public Seen by 19

We want to create a space where souls can rest, get back to earth, find solitude and find open ears and arms.

For that we need different structures and parts in the physical world.

For now we have

  • a 5x5 tent: offering space to rest, lie down, take a break from overwhelming surroundings and sounds

  • place under a tree: getting back to nature, resting, talking if needed

  • 1-3 tipis/small tents: spaces for talking, reflecting, letting emotions run through

Feel free to use this thread to add structures, ideas about placement, build relevant information and creating the welfare safe space.


Valentin_Seehausen Wed 7 Jul 2021 6:13PM

Wow, that sounds AMAZING! Love it. 馃挆 Didn't know we have so many tents. That sounds like a proper care bear thingy (no worries about the bear branding, we will take CARE 馃Ц of that).

Happy to coordinate everything building-related. And also happy to help. Will be on-site Monday or Tuesday before Kiezburn. Pretty booked before. :-)