2nd leads meeting 21/03 - all who want to dream up Kiez Burn 2019

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Howdy folks! please feel free to edit this thread

And it is time for round #2 of the "leads" meeting. "Leads" are people that already are or feel like they will or want to take up a role that pulls Kiez Burn 2019 forward. So everyone welcome

** slides of the meeting:**

Notes of the meeting

We will do the round of all the things that is already happening and where we might need to strengthen forces. We also are looking forward to a small 10 minute break in between and the little chit-chats with the early birds and the late leavers.

Suggestive Agenda
- quick introduction (7mins)
- a round to cover what are topics that need attention, questions, concerns???
- ??? any suggestions how we do this??

MEETING NOTES last meeting


waldo March 7th, 2019 20:53

Favor to ask: Facebook says I ran out of invitations. If you have some of that "invitations" currency left, could you invite friends on facebook for this event please? Thank u


waldo March 12th, 2019 19:37

again a request, please invite your friends and family:


waldo March 22nd, 2019 09:54