Talks in groups/transparency things

SE Sven E Public Seen by 22

Hello hello,

so we use Discord also for transparency reasons. But how far we want go?

So for me it would be ok to put all normal talks there, without a telegram/whatsapp group for example.

But what is about sensitive data? For example when I'll talk with my fabulous team about money. What kiez has already paid, or what are the internal cost.

I dont want to blame somebody :)


Kaliope Fri 25 Mar 2022 3:32PM

Thanks for bringing this up! I'd suggest you to create a closed/secret channel (ask one of the moderators, @Kourosh/@Kris) for this purpose, e.g when you wanna avoid disclosing personal data. OR If you click on the home button in the upper left corner/sidebar (the area for DMs), you can also select "New Group DM" in the upper right corner and start a group chat. Let's keep everything as transparent as possible, but also watch out for sensitive content and data 馃槈


Sven E Wed 27 Apr 2022 1:54PM

Thanks for the answer and the tips! It worked :)


Kris Tue 3 May 2022 8:55PM

Transparency is surveillance, and if you find it difficult to express things because of how it might be seen now or later, I suggest finding an appropriate medium. There's no rule dictating how we speak online. If you handle PII (camps that paid or not is not likely to be PII) you should discuss that with the our board appointed and presently non-existent Data Protection Officer.

Note that while Talk might feel less public than Discord, it is mostly not. I won't be surprised if googlebot indexes this conversation.