Fire wood for small camp fires

P Pauline Public Seen by 238

For Kinderkiez, we want to keep a fire pit running for the stay-at-home parents. Is anyone ordering/organising fire wood or would like to pair up on this?


Annette Wed 9 May 2018 2:38PM

UnderWorld needs fire wood as well - keep us updated!


Alex Kaos Wed 9 May 2018 2:49PM

I will be contacting the local Sägerei soon about wood for the temple. I'm hoping they would have plenty of offcuts that could come with the delivery. I will post again after confirmation.


Jan-Christian Kaspareit Wed 9 May 2018 3:19PM

We'll need some firewood as well for our saloon!


Henrik 🤖 Wed 9 May 2018 3:46PM

Just Being (in Coop with Gingeridoo) wants to order firewood as well!
contact: @danielaquariusdrin


Pauline Wed 9 May 2018 3:57PM

Man the whole place is gonna be on fire eventually :)


Sonja Finger Fri 11 May 2018 9:36AM

I got in contact with a person who offers wood for free! Dangerous Spacerazzi will use these wood for build, signs, art and maybe fire. I a camp wants small wood you might contact me. We will drive to the place next week. Phone: +491717726381


Sweet Like Candy Mon 14 May 2018 11:29PM

Hey! Do you guys have any tips on how you are going to build your firepit? Barrels? Or? SüßKiez would like to have one too - where do we start?


Steffen Lepa Tue 15 May 2018 10:26AM

Welfare would be also interested in some firewood!


walto Wed 16 May 2018 4:46PM

@alexcuthbertson do you have any written guidelines for how to do a firepit in a way that does not leave a negative trace?


Alex Kaos Thu 17 May 2018 6:30AM

Not yet, I will be updating the Safety Protocol tonight and can cut and paste some info from there onto here.


Sonja Finger Tue 15 May 2018 9:09AM

Hey Alex,
I dont know yet but will inform you.
I'm organizing something.
Will comeback to you tomorrow about this.
I will ask for later options. Thank you!
I know kiez burn needs wood!


Sonja Finger Fri 1 Jun 2018 9:30AM

Alex Cutherson, the transport will be on 9th of june please contact me we need helping hands and cost share for transport of wood! +491717726381


Alex Kaos Mon 14 May 2018 12:01PM

Excellent news. Would it be possible for us to also do a run closer to the Burn? I would want to collect as much wood as is carryable to be honest. I wouldn't want to burden you with the load. But anything you can grab for Flow Camp would eb welcome ;)