Toilet Placement :shit:

H Henrik 馃 Public Seen by 52

Hey there!

I have a request regarding toilet placement. On the map there is one dixi in proximity of 6 (!!) medium sized camps (8 if you count in salon leonbard and the monkeys) near the toolhaus. I really would like to have at least two dixies at this location, if not even three. There are a lot of people sharing this one single shithouse and the population density is a lot higher than other spots on site, which have two or more dixies.


Andreas Noack Tue 30 Apr 2019 6:37PM

hello Hendrik, please dont shit your pants just yet! i think this is the old map from last year - after the burning camel my KOT-Pilot said she will put the placements on the map (i will talk to her about this)

official placement: we have 14 eco toilets

3x at last years just being
3x at underworld
3x at the tool house
2x at zerzura
2x at kinder kiez
1x at flow camp

hope this answers your fear of poopy nightmares.


Remy Schneider Wed 1 May 2019 7:16AM

Hey folks! I am inputting the toilets today! Sorry for slacking ;) I actually only joined the group to annouce it - so excited that peopel are already thinking of it!


Remy Schneider Wed 1 May 2019 7:16AM

Also - NO DIXIES this year, so I will be deleting those from the map


Remy Schneider Wed 1 May 2019 7:18AM

One thing I am unsure about - does anyone know what the items compost and "compost bin" are?
are these actually composting spots?