Thu 18 Jul 2019 12:06PM

When is it happening?

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Holaa beautiful beings!

When do we want to make this happen?
We already have B&B reserved but in the meeting we talked about doing it on the weekend of the 11th-13th of October.
Its the weekend after the long weekend so more people will be in town an available,

What do you guys think/propose?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 18 Jul 2019 12:33PM

This depends on the location. If no one else steps up for leading the event, then I suggest we push forward with B&B to save ourselves learning a new location


Jo Flo Thu 18 Jul 2019 9:40PM

Would Wilde Renate be a possibility before she will close? Or Remy‘s Place (maybe a little bit to small)


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Sat 3 Aug 2019 10:21AM

I have put in a request for the 11 October at Anomolie


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 5 Aug 2019 4:14PM

We have confirmation of 11 october at Anomolie! Shall we confirm and proceed?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Thu 18 Jul 2019 11:10PM

needs to fit about 800