Tue 18 Feb 2020 9:03AM

Let us see your KIEZ BURN DREAM (+ action plan)

DU Alina, also known as Universe Public Seen by 24

If it's a "fuck yes" for you to do so, share your KIEZ BURN DREAM masterplan drawing with us (people outside of your coaching circle)! What are you dreaming of for Kiez Burn? What are you working towards? How can we support you?


Alina, also known as Universe Tue 18 Feb 2020 9:24AM

I want to share my dream with you.

Dream: a KB event that feels a little bit like our Leadership Learning Weekend:

  • it's festive, hedonistic, colourful, art-full but not (too) loud

  • the center and focus of our gathering is community strengthening and dreaming up our future together; there is some learning and workshopping happening as well as silly abandon

  • the general vibe is relaxed; everybody has had a chance to sleep and rest, so that we can stay present for themselves and each other

  • nobody has been overloaded with tasks, left alone (unless desired) or burned out

  • we communicate openly, clearly, lovingly

  • we feel like we are part of something bigger

  • we have independent and impressive artistic creations that are not stages or camp spaces

My dream contributions and actions:

  • Help to re-assess the way we communicate with community at large (thoughts + proposal)

  • Find ways to build and keep more community engagement throughout the year, not just around ticketing and event (thoughts + proposal)

  • Make learning/workshopping together a part of how we participate in the community (thoughts + proposal)

  • Create a frame for a radically regular and radically co-created KB newsletter (task)

  • Make our language clear and accessible (thoughts + proposal+task)


walto Tue 18 Feb 2020 7:05PM

thanks so much for sharing this Alina! Inspiring & helps me understand how you feel :=)