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CJ Yetman Tue 1 Feb 2022 11:14AM

Yes please 🙏🏻 I think that would be good. I did not know that and would have defaulted to using Talk as we have repeatedly trained people to do in past years. It would also make sense to have a very visible link to easily sign up/enter the Discord… I’m only there because I clicked an invite link in a chat message somewhere that was relevant to a very specific topic. I’m not sure how anyone would even know the Discord channel exists.

Also, there are two Kiez Burn Discord channels that look almost exactly the same, which I imagine will lead to some confusion eventually (has for me already).


Veroca R. Sala Sat 29 Jan 2022 11:05AM

I 've heard this topic has been around for some time but very much not a serious commitment from anyone to do it or weigh in the advantages of it. Since you bring it up now, I ll enable a space to discuss it =)


Kaliope Mon 17 Jan 2022 2:51PM

Very likely in July due to restrictions by Freiland, the rest still has to be negotiated. There was a vote at the kick-off meeting, but the results were very ambiguous. If we move on quickly, we may have a decision by the end of January/beginning of February... 🤔 depends on how fast we build up a chaotic orga team!


Kaliope Wed 6 Apr 2022 2:30PM

Hi @Nik Praskaton, there will be a meeting about directed tickets soon, only after that we can say something more specific. Unfortunately not before the deadline... If it's not too much work, just upload your dream on the platform and we keep our fingers crossed!


Kaliope Tue 1 Feb 2022 10:41AM

Imo another advantage is we can avoid opening tons of annoying non-inclusive/-transparent side-chats on Telegram like last year... On discord you can simply join the server and then access most info (works a little like Slack). Who is actually the person who unconsensually ended up in most Kiez Burn telegram chats 😆


CJ Yetman Tue 1 Feb 2022 11:15AM

Ironically, part of the justification for moving to Talk was to get off Slack. 😂


Melinda Gonzalez Fri 27 May 2022 4:41PM

Yes, Diarmaid would be the person to talk to. He is also @Diemo on Discord.


B r i Thu 26 May 2022 6:29AM

@Diarmaid might know something


Konstantin Tue 18 Jan 2022 8:36AM

Thank you Kate! :)


Veroca R. Sala Tue 1 Feb 2022 11:18AM

im on it now. thanks for flagging ❤️


Veroca R. Sala Tue 1 Feb 2022 10:22AM

We moved all conversations to discord and whenever someone has gotten the info/opinions, they wanted or needed out of chats on discord, they can write up a proposal with all background info and valuable input and post it for decision making. I guess Talk will slowly be reduced to the Advice process group. Or at least this is how I see it. Moving conversations to discord has the goal of making it easier for people to opine and participate since it is more user-friendly, the app works better and has all the advantages everybody thinks Discord has over Talk.
Do you think we should announce this?


Nagu Wed 25 May 2022 7:55PM

Hi, guys. I want to setup the dreams platform for Austrian Burners Schönburn. Can you please connect me to somebody who can help me or point me to a github repository?


[deactivated account] Fri 6 May 2022 1:33PM

Hi, is there any chance to get tickets, if people are prevented at short notice, for example?


Nik Praskaton Wed 6 Apr 2022 12:20PM

Hello everyone!
I would like to ask for a suggestion - it is about a puzzling situation related to the submission of a dream.
Me and a friend really (Really) wanted to get tickets for the Kiez Burn, but didn't manage in the second sales event.
We are also preparing a dance theater piece which we wanted to show for the first time in Kiez Burn. We also wanted to submit a dream for that project.
We have been waiting to see if we maybe get a ticket, but no luck so far. Now, the deadline for dream submissions is very close (10th April), and we are not sure if we should submit the dream anyways, and hope to get the tickets, or not. We don't know what are exactly the consequences in terms of organisation if we submit it, it gets funded, but do not get the tickets in the end - we wouldn't want to cause organizatory trouble. On the other hand, if we do get the tickets, it would make us quite sad not to have submitted our Dream :)


CJ Yetman Mon 31 Jan 2022 4:44PM

Can someone explain to me what’s the purpose of this new Discord server relative to Talk? How does one know whether to post things here or there? How does one know which one to search for the information they need? I must have missed the memo.


Owl Thu 27 Jan 2022 7:33PM

How about becoming an officially recognized Regional Burn this year? There were attempts to do it in the last years, but they somehow got stuck on the way. Otherwise the upcoming Berlin-originated Burn will try to become the very first official German Regional Burn 😉 I'm (and also the other German Regional contacts Axel, Jörg, Claudi, Mephy) are offering our support in reaching that goal.


Konstantin Mon 17 Jan 2022 1:57PM

Happy new year everyone! :-) How are the plans for 2022, is there already an estimated date for the event?