Getting started with "Talk"

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We believe in discussions and believe our culture shapes, but also is shaped by where we hold those discussions. "Loomio"/"Talk" is born from the OccupyNow movement. On talk, we discuss all the topics that come from organizing a one-week event.

It is a bit tricky to get used to, but we hope you get to love it as well after a while.


The public groups you are member of, you will get notifications for. The big topics have their own group. Threads posted in public groups where you are not part of, you will not be informed about.
The sub-groups within a public group, can be made to discuss more specific topics.
The threads are where you discuss the different topics. The thread description can be changed by anyone that is logged in. Threads are also the only places from which you can start advices, polls etc.


"Markdown" it is called, and it is hard to learn. However, there are two things that might help you quite a bit
- in-browser editing to markdown:
- A Loomio post on how to use Markdown:

Saving yourself some nerves

  • If you are the kind of person easily annoyed by many emails do the following to avoid inbox-flooding: Go to settings and turn off email notifications (except for maybe the daily summary o.e. - play around what suits your needs best). :thinking:

  • Check in with the 'unread discussions' / 'ungelesene Diskussionen' tab on the left side regulary. Use the 'mute' button for every topic you are not interested in. Use the 'checkmark' button for every topic you'd still like to show up in the 'unread discussion' tab

Be responsible

  • Before writing or inviting, ask yourself "does everybody else need to read what I have to say". Try to only invite people who really do need to read what you're writing. Everybody can read whatever they want, so try to limit the number of people who will get an email when you write something.

have fun!

Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator)

Saskia (The Fuzzy Facilitator) March 15th, 2019 08:13

Added some practical advice on how to maneuver talk (Email notifications & using unread discussions tab & mute function)


waldo March 17th, 2019 16:09

you are amazing!

Callum Macdonald

Callum Macdonald April 30th, 2019 16:34

Can we add something that strongly discourages "invite everybody" when you post a new thread.

I think it's very easy to write a small number of posts and create a lot of noise for a lot of people to read. This will, in my opinion, lead to frustration with the platform and gradually result in people withdrawing because there is too much noise.


waldo May 1st, 2019 21:37

sounds good, feel free to edit&add it to the thread description

Callum Macdonald

Callum Macdonald May 2nd, 2019 14:10

I added a "Be responsible" section, feel free to edit if you think the tone could be improved, or for any other reason.


waldo June 2nd, 2019 15:08

also made it so ppl cannot invite everyone to their threads