Monitoring sound levels

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In order for us to have sound, we need to:
1. communicate how to do sound
2. do a soundcheck before all hell breaks loose (probably the wednesday)
realities link:

Rocca and Karl are 2 sound guys (Rocca does sound for Zerzura) who volunteered yesterday to help with the measuring of the loudness around the site. Would be good to communicate the sound rules of last year from randy. These are the sound rules of last year: (they are pretty cool :D )

A sound check is possible when the power is there (probably the wednesday, to be confirmed by Sven later)

@janthomas as site liaison is able to help with this topic as well.


Jan Thomas Mon 29 Apr 2019 7:19AM

Thanks @waldo - The sound restrictions from the authorities are exactly the same this year, i.e. the sound protocol document should apply as is.

Also @stefanapel had already posted in a different thread that he has the sound level measurement devices in his basement and is happy to help - so I'm linking it here:


Roko Mon 29 Apr 2019 9:23AM

heeyy, will do, how do i put my name in realizer? 017643301709

how many times to check during festival? 1 at daylight, 1 at night?
do the soundcamps have the sound rules, or do i have to communicate with them?


Roko Tue 28 May 2019 2:11PM

i have the db meters and posted in the kiez burn group so that all soundcamps write me. @janthomas tell me when electricity is ready, so we can start checking :) 017643301709


Sven Dudink Tue 4 Jun 2019 3:44AM

as for now generators will be on site on thusday and will be started up wednesday morning,


Roko Thu 6 Jun 2019 11:15AM

tUEsday before burn? then i will aim for sound check wednesday morning. what time are u aiming for? coz some camps already want to party wednesday.


walto Sun 9 Jun 2019 5:04PM

So prepping for the sound check, I have collected all the info and will group it here. This is a suggested approach, to be done together with @roko

Before event: print everything here in attachment + prepare a bundle for rangers/site lead to be prepared to act when there is a complaint
Tuesday:: go by the camps to make sure the boxes are pointed in the right direction, in line with the Kiezburnsoundprotocol
Wednesday morning: test the sound levels with the power on for all the relevant sound camps. We will drive around with the sound check machine thingy

when complaints: site leads should be prepped on what the sound levels are, and who to contact. Primary contact: roko (Zerzura). During the Wednesday we will create a log to be included in the sound documents that will be in the ranger/site lead station.
@cristinaolano and @cjyetman FYI


Roko Sun 9 Jun 2019 5:28PM

thanks for the infos! propably cannot check all soundsystem directions tuesday, because some arrive wednesday. means we have to do the soundcheck wednesday noon/afternoon. are u planning to drive around with me @waldo ? if you are busy, dont worry, i include my campmates. do you have a car? else i ask in kiez burn group or in my camp.


Roko Mon 10 Jun 2019 11:56PM

i didnt do it before either, but its nothing complicated. just checking db at various locations outsitde freiland with full power sound coming from freiland. i already have a whatsapp conversation going on with all sound camps. sound system should be orientated east, because there are least neighbours.

i will ask my campmates first. if i need help, i will come back at you :p


Roko Fri 14 Jun 2019 12:30PM

wonderful! see u soon


Cris Thu 13 Jun 2019 11:10AM

I will bring and transmit the info as it is now. @tobias, could you please check and bring any possible update?

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