The 3rd Leads Meeting - Make the Magic Happen

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Welcome Welcome!

Kiez Burn is a magical and envelopingly evolving experience. It feels like magic is always in the air, and that seemingly supernatural things occur. It makes us think a Wonderous Wizard is pulling strings behind his/her/their covered box and creating the Beautiful Burn as we know it.

But just like that that wizard, it is all an illusion. The real magic lies in the incredibly inspiring souls that step up and help out in some small (or big) way towards the collective co-creation of our collaborative community and event. You are really the magic of Kiez Burn, and if it was any other way, it wouldn't be Magical.

Come and get an overview of how the Burn operates, meet some of the movers that know what needs to be done, and put your hand to help out in any area you feel inspired to provide your unique mindset, skills and understanding. Big or Small, long or short, participatory culture thrives off us, as a community, giving more than we ask for, and in return, we receive more than we believed we could have ever requested.

1- Quick Introduction round
Name, Current/Most interesting Role, favorite 1 syllable word
2- Kiez Burn - What is it all really about?
Consensual Do-Ocracy, Participatory Culture, Conflict Resolution, effective meetings
3- Where we at
Talk, Realities and Dreams
4- Getting Involved
How to get started, some major roles that need filling, the support network
5- Wrap up Round
What was your primary emotion of the Meeting? What are you most excited towards from Kiez Burn. Do you have any concise constructive feedback regarding the meeting?
6- Mingle Time



Meeting At:
Offenes Wohnzimmer Moabit
Waldenserstraße 13
10551, Moabit.

From 18:00 - 22:00 (No worries if you come a little later)
There are tea Facilities available, please bring tea and a milk with you.

Hey hey, For tomorrow meeting we are looking for:
(Please post in here if you can bring/do it)

  • 1 or 2 Note Takers (who can work together to make their lives easier)
  • A Selection of Tea's and/or Coffee, sugar / honey
  • 1-2L Vegan milk
  • 3 people to help with Strike (washing cups, clearing area, vacuum cleaning etc)
  • (Luxury request) Does someone want to bring a crate of beer?

Everyone is encouraged to bring un-messy snacks (whatever helps with LNT)

There will be a donation box to help support costs for renting the room and to refund whoever brings the tea/milk/beer, so please keep a little change (or more) on hand.

We need to be finished by 22:00, so nobody is going to lose Sleep over this


Joice Biazoto Wed 3 Apr 2019 6:10PM

I'm taking notes in the same document from the 2nd Leads Meeting - here: