Site placement planning - KBORG

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to discuss how we will do actual site placement (starting Friday, ending Wednesday). This is based on the work of site planning (Randy). The site placement lead (Ancka) then takes over and makes the on-site decisions and slowly works herself into the matter.

This role means:
* delineate the perimeter where no camping is allowed and liaise with signage to make sure the right signs are placed there
* work with the art grants team so they can clearly demarcate where the different art installations will take place and their perimeter (so nobody camps there)
* delineate the freecamping area and work with sigeage to make sure it is clear where freecampers can camp and not camp
* Work with gate and general production in case there are cars parked within the perimeter that should leave by Wednesday 12:00
* if there are Kieze with questions around their perimeter, talk to them (although these disputes should be largely resolved after Burning Pig)
* always carry a radio and look cool ;)

Currently, no volunteers have been assigned to this role, but should be. To be discussed here.

Resolve questions
* are Kieze allowed to take over empty space that's outside of their designated area to setup workshop areas, etc.?