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I will be kicking off signage once I finish precompression
Leads: Erin, Charly
Questions: Sina

200 euro budget from KB org
Do we want to put in a dream for more signage?

Current responsibilities are here:


Sina Be Sun 14 Apr 2019 12:17PM

Here you can find an approach to the storage list (

I tried to remember what we build with the excel sheet. It can be possible that some are not in the list because we made them in them spontaneously.
I also have no clue if strike took all the signs back home in the end...


Dylan (Lemon Camp) Mon 15 Apr 2019 6:56AM

@erinjeavonsfellows Hey Erin,
Is KBORG going to supply lighting/signage to the Lemon Camp/Bee Hive/Entspandau area? Last year, Just being was pretty hard to find for some burners and poorly lit at night. Lemon Camp wants to coordinate with you if possible so that the path is clear and safe..!


walto Mon 22 Apr 2019 11:18PM

No, lighting, even the general lighting, is not fixed yet. The people who did it last year were not in touch with us yet...


walto Tue 23 Apr 2019 3:36PM

I can confirm that lighting is not yet finalized. We are still tryign to get in touch with Ponk & Eva. It might well be that there will not be public lighting.


Dylan (Lemon Camp) Tue 23 Apr 2019 8:03AM

@waldo Im confused. Can you please confirm: No lighting will be provided by KBORG for this path?


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 15 Apr 2019 11:14PM

Hello @dylanwarren
I haven't accounted for any lighting signage projects and now its too late to submit a dream to have this happen. I will do a signage audit at burning camel and chat to others and see what we can do in making sure there is a safe passage.