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Project Eco Toilets for Kiez Burn 2019


  • Contacts to Eco Toilet providers: Thread started in Ambassador channel
  • Outreach to Oe-Klo - Oe-Klo is a partner with Sushi, the eco-toilet partner of the Borderland to see if they have availability & meet our bio-toilet requirements - Contact them here
  • Other places to contact: EcoToiletten
  • Logistics w/ FreilandOutreach to Freiland to let them know of our plans to perhaps go with a provider that is not the same as they use (e.g., pricing might be higher for them since we don't use the same toilets, the Dixi toilets must be removed before we come on site, etc). Freiland may additionally be interested in using Bio toilets if we find a reliable partner
  • Volunteers - regardless of what types of toilets we go with, we need volunteers to help clean the toilets and replenish toilet paper (camps can adopt a toilet, for example)


  • Date of Eco-toilet arrival - needs to be discussed, but FOR SURE will need to be onsite 18 June - 23 June (earliest pick up 24 June). We may be able to take the toilets several days, specifically if they need to be set up (earliest arrival date 15 June)
  • Date of Eco-toilet removal - toilets need to be offsite ASAP - earliest date is 24 June, hopefully latest date would be sometime later that week (negotiable)
  • Number of toilets - we would require at a minimum 15 complete toilets (for peeing & pooping). It would be good to have an additional 3 to 4 pee-only spaces as well. Depending on number of participants, the number of toilets needed could be up to 20 complete toilets.
  • Sustainable waste - we want to partner with a group that takes care of the waste in the fullest capacity after the event (and not just flush it into the sewer)
  • Sanitary maintenance - not all eco-toilets are built the same, and we want to have and easy and preferable sanitary way to maintain the toilets while they are on site (e.g., changing barrels, etc)
  • Relationship - we want to work with a group that is interested in what we are doing as an event, and shares the same values as us. We need to work with folks who can let us take part of the burdens that they might typically do in case of higher costs..
  • Transport - this is a point we need to figure out, but I think that transport and set-up on site might be our biggest factors.. we should have an upfront conversation about transport to Alt Tellin


  • A dream grant must be submitted to ensure we can get budget for Eco toilets.. otherwise we need to have: (Remy will take this)
  • Funding for toilets last year was about (1300€ from the shared Dixi's with Freiland + 200€ for toilet paper + hand sanitizer --> increase in attendance would cause more costs)


  • Contact to the suppliers from last year to ensure we could have Dixi toilet's available if needed

Remy Schneider Fri 8 Mar 2019 6:57PM

Update: Eco-toiletten for 20 toilets (no urinals) would be 4200€ including transport - more updates coming


Patrick Baodu Wed 13 Mar 2019 7:15PM

an other option could be Firma Goldeimer gmbh


Remy Schneider Sun 17 Mar 2019 3:13PM

Update - Oe-Klo is much too expensive and requires a person to be onsite to take car of the toilets. In order to avoid this added expense, we will go with eco-toiletten for now!