Remaining to-do: contact data

W walto Public Seen by 23

There is still one thing to-do for the questionnaire that we could not solve. The contact data from the project manager and the team members needs to be adjusted. The main reason is, that this will be the main way we will contact dreamers, so this has to be complete. Would love to edit it as follows:

- keep it obligatory
- change label to: "Your full name (won't be published)"
- add description: "Please use your real name (Government ID) that you will use to purchase your ticket here."

- make it obligatory
- change label to: Your email (won't be published)*
- add description: We will send all our communications to this address, so please make sure it is valid and you check it often. This email also needs to correspond to the email you used to purchase your ticket so to make sure our systems are happily linked together :)

- make it obligatory
- change label to: phone (won't be published)*
- add description: for final arrangements or emergency.