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To the power lead: proposal regarding the Kieze registration form:

power requirements are mapped there, please let me know if you have any input:


Sven Dudink Sun 24 Mar 2019 10:59PM

@lisa111 For all the kiezes who need power.
Here is the google drive where you can get advice about power consumption and fill in your estimate power consumption for kiez burn 2019

it is slightly different from last year, we will this year split up our power consumption into 3 dayparts,

if you dont know yet when you will use your most power you can for now fill in your maximum expected power consumption in all the 3 field and correct it later,

There will be more info and important things regarding power for kiez burn 2019


Erin Jeavons-Fellows Mon 15 Apr 2019 11:16PM

@svendudink is the power meeting no longer hppening? i cant see it anywhere but remember voting for a date :) Sorry!


Sven Dudink Tue 16 Apr 2019 8:51PM

@erin, yes the power meeting is at 19:00 on burgsdorfstrasse 15 13353 doorbell Sven dudink, i will also put this in the power threat


Melina Moeller Tue 21 May 2019 7:24PM

@svendudink can we get 3000watt power?


walto Wed 3 Apr 2019 8:33PM

@lisa111 & @svendudink last year the power requirements from kieze changed quite a bit throughout. What I found to be quite important/effective in this communication:
- what they eventually agree to for power (we set a deadline last year) they will need to pay for, no exceptions
- clearly communicate the price is important (50€)
- clearly limit certain power requests: no water cooker, no heaters,...


Lisa Thu 4 Apr 2019 7:12AM

Ok noted


Lisa Wed 27 Mar 2019 10:34PM

@svendudink I will fill the columns light, sound and others, since I already got that info from the Kieze. I'll share the docs with them so that they give you more details about the time slots


walto Wed 27 Mar 2019 5:20PM

also, you could tag Lisa regarding anything to do with Kieze so she can help communicate it


walto Wed 27 Mar 2019 5:20PM

@svendudink as a suggestion, you could potentially just edit this thread description? Then that way ppl can read it immediately?