Thu 15 Jul 2021 5:02PM


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We will hire a company to guard our 2 gates against the harsh reality behind the horizon or to assist as a last resorts with trouble on site.

The process

I´ve been handed a pre existing relationship with our security company, we hired them the previous years and have been quite happy with their service. I didn´t do any research for alternatives, as I´m quite happy that we hired security guards that are able to navigate in our world without creating problems to us and our principles.

During a summerevent at Freiland @Franzi got in touch with the freiland company, they recommended SecuShelter if we need an alternative for whatever reason.


Purzel Thu 15 Jul 2021 5:02PM


I´ve had a check in with our security company today. Turns out there current offer says that they will start guarding the gates on tuesday (10.08.) at 12:00. It´s the same deal as last time. I couldnt find any decision processes about it on talk from 2019.

I´m not sure if that will be neccessary and we can cut costs when they start later, 10:00 on wednesday for example.

Feedback please :)

@Professor Kaos for the budet

@CJ Yetman as site lead lead (love the title in all it´s clunkyness ❤️ )

@Kate for Amt requirements

@Melinda Gonzalez will we be able to feed them on tuesday already?

@Veroca R. Sala for more tags that I´m not thinking off 😉


Veroca R. Sala Thu 15 Jul 2021 9:24PM

Hehe thanks Hans! Lol I can only just add the rest of the korgis tags and see what they think (?) So far I think you added the right ones ❤️ these Im adding are only extra for the pleasure of getting into other people's inbox

IMO I would go for saving the costs of the Tuesday because I don't think we need security then, but maybe I am missing some info.


@Jan-Christian Kaspareit

@Cairn (Clément)


Kaliope Tue 20 Jul 2021 12:52PM

From the Amt perspective, we don't need any guards before the official event starts (which is on Thursday!). It's perfectly fine if they already get set up on Wednesday...

Do we already have their Gewerbenachweise for the permit application? We wanna apply this week!

@CJ Yetman @Professor Kaos


Franzi Wed 21 Jul 2021 2:00PM

actually thats not only listened to half of my voice message :D so, the freilanjd secu is full and doesnt take people on their waiting list but they recommended shelter secu if we ever need a back up


CJ Yetman Thu 15 Jul 2021 9:41PM

I don’t think we need security until a few hours before the event officially opens on Wednesday 🤷


Melinda Gonzalez Wed 21 Jul 2021 5:25PM

Let us know whenever it’s decided so I know how many to feed?


Purzel Wed 21 Jul 2021 5:50PM

Since there haven't been any objections I'd let them start on Wednesday morning. 😊

Thank you for checking in again.


Purzel Wed 21 Jul 2021 4:33PM

Argh sorry 😅


Alex Kaos Fri 16 Jul 2021 10:48AM

Yes, the security should arrive on Wednesday 11am to get set up.

Any other memories?

@Patrick @Franzi


Melinda Gonzalez Sat 17 Jul 2021 9:38AM

It’s technically possible, if we need to accomodate 4 more. That’s the most people we’d have to feed on any given day.